Accelerative Learning Training & Consulting

How and Why It Works

“I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.”
– Confucius

Each individual is unique, and has a preferred learning style – a way in which they learn best. Lecture-based, online-only or textbook approaches don’t take this into account, as they are a one-way conversation. Accelerative Learning incorporates an array of learning methodologies that engage both the analytical and emotional parts of the brain and the conscious and subconscious. This makes it easier to assimilate the material and maximize learning retention.

Participants are completely immersed in the subject matter by working in groups, role playing, and participating in thought-provoking and challenging games and interactions. Accelerative Learning, as it is known today has evolved from research conducted over several decades using instructional methods that are proven to provide the best results.

Our instructors place great importance on creating a supportive and positive group dynamic while giving attention to individuals’ needs. They strive to create an environment that enables participants to push past any perceived limitations to realize their true potential. And because every group and training is different, instructors are trained to heighten their observation skills so they can adjust their teaching styles accordingly. By being completely present and customizing the approach throughout the learning experience, students not only learn the material easily and quickly, they also walk away with a new confidence of all that they can accomplish, which is applicable to both their job and their life.

Click on the screen below to view a brief video presentation on exploring the benefits of Accelerative Learning.